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SARS (& terrorists)

Okay, we confess. This page was slated to be deleted from the site in early 2005. The SARS crisis was contained in the summer of 2003. There have been no reported cases outside of medical research personnel since early 2004. However since this page is frequently visited, so we decided to keep it on the server to deliver a similiar message.

In late 2004, reports of a particularly nasty strain of bird flu surfaced in both Southeast Asia and China. In the summer of 2005, a form of swine flu broke out in the southwest province of Sichuan. In both instance the Chinese government's response was markedly different than with the SARS debacle in 2003. Lessons learned, so to say.

Yet in this day and age of a highly mobile planet, we do not read these reports and shrug them off. We take them quite seriously. So we maintain the same pledge we made in 2003.

Should you be booked on any Red Monkey tour and the World Health Organization declares a travel warning for China, any or all monies received by Red Monkey Travel will immediately be returned. This has been codified in our Terms and Conditions page.

In terms of terrorists affecting your holiday, it appears China is a whole lot safer than many of the traditional tourist destinations. Possibly the safest outside of North Korea or Greenland.

See China for yourself!

(rev 4/2009)