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Why Me?

Good question. As we said somewhere previously, we position our trips somewhere between the slug-it-out backpacker style of traveling and the on-the-bus, off-the-bus package system.

It's a style very common for Europeans and Australian travelers. But not quite so common for North Americans.

Perhaps the best way is to take you on a short three-day visit to Beijing. You will experience Beijing as seen through the eyes of a package tourist, an independent traveler , and finally as a Red Monkey traveler .

Pause...... while you read the stories.

Granted, a bit cheeky, a bit wordy. But it's not fiction. These stories are not conjured up visions to make a point. The stories represent actual experiences by travelers we have met.

What do you mean you still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or drop us a line.

Ready to book a trip? Need more information about our travel style? Want to see the 2006 schedule?

Hope to see you in China!

(rev 6/2009)